State Park Lake Skinny Dip

We don’t remember who we go this one from:

So, this past summer I was hiking at a local state park. The park has a large lake with trails all around it. There are resting benches all over also.

I was getting pretty hot and I had not seen anyone the whole time I was there. So I decided to take a swim and cool off. I stripped down and hid my clothes and shoes behind a bench in some bushes. I waded out into the water and started swam around for a while, wasn’t really paying attention to how far out I swam. I heard some voices coming from the shore, when I looked there was a troop of Girl Scouts coming up the path where I hid my clothes.

Well, not wanting to get caught and arrested I swam to the shore before they saw me and snuck out of the water. There I was bare-ass hoping they would just keep going. Nope, they decided to stop right there and have lunch.

I wasn’t more than 200 feet away from them, hiding in some bushes. When a couple of them started walking along the shore. So as quietly as possible started backing away from the water till I reached the path. Nobody was on the path so I just started running down it til I got some distance then got off and hid in the woods.

About an hour or so later I could hear them coming down the path leaving. After they passed, I snuck back out to the path and ran down it to get to my clothes. They were gone, I had to sneak all the way back to my truck, get my spare key hidden behind the bumper and drive home naked. Fortunatly my driveway goes around the back of the house so the nieghbors didn’t get a show.

A few days later I got a package in the mail with my wallet, keys, and a note saying they were sorry they missed me.

I guess scouts really are trustworthy.

Great story leading up to a good punch line (of sorts), thanks for this!



  1. Great story and it ended well, I would love to be in such predicament 🙂

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