Strip Poker or Skinny Dipping?

Which do you think is more fun?


  1. strip poker

  2. skinny dipping can get physical esier so its good

  3. I think they both are fun but id have to say skinny dipping lmao

  4. Skinny dipping, no contest. I don’t want to sit around all night waiting for her to get out of her clothes.

  5. Sir Narnian says

    Skinny-dip!! Most defenitly!!

    You feal more free!! And you can still do it with freinds.

  6. WOW! Both are fun but I’ll have to pick skinny dipping because you know you’ll see the girls naked, especially in a clear pool. LOL! With strip poker you may lose and they’ll stay dressed. Can’t have that! 😀

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