Summer Bucket List Help?

So far this summer my goals list is:

1. Ride Rides until I Puke
2. Eat 1000 Popsicles
3. Tan in the parking lot
4. Sleep under the stars
5. Read a book under a tree
6. Find a Four-Leaf clover
7. Go on an Unplanned Roadtrip
8. Break the Law
9. Have a "We’ll be a Dream" fight (We The Kings Music Video)
10. Get a Stranger’s Phone Number
11. Go to the Midnight Premiere of Harry Potter 7
12. Keep a Written Journal
13. Stay in Walmart for 24 Hours
14. Go to Warped Tour
15. Go to Bamboozle
16. Do My Guy Friend’s makeup
17. Wish on 11:11 daily
18. Take a Picture with Christofer Drew (of NeverShoutNever!)
19. Meet Tanner Howe (of Disco Curtis)
20. See Toy Story 3
21. Have an Unplanned Party
22. Watch Eclipse (Even though I hate Twilight)
23. Have a REAL Party
24. Walk down Anne St. Barefoot, Late at night (Place near my house)
25. Sleep on my Trampoline
26. Have another "Friday Night" (Late night Phone Call)
27. Find out who my real friends are
28. Fall in Love
29. Steal a street sign
30. Find the perfect theme song for my summer
31. Read magazines in the sun
32. Wear something completely inappropriate and dance
33. Lie in bed in the morning, with the windows open & good music playing loudly
34. Take my dog on a walk
35. Carry a tiny water gun in my purse
36. Keep a secret (Tell Nobody)
37. Have a Tea Party
38. Just Swing
39. Have a Picnic at the Park
40. Play Scrabble at ESE (School Near my House)
41. Write a Poem
42. Make a mixed tape
43. Splash around in a Kiddy Pool
44. Go to Chuck E. Cheese’s
45. Blow Bubbles
46. Catch Fireflies
47. Two words: Sidewalk Chalk
48. Eat Watermelon, like all the time
49. Have a Bonfire
50. Graffiti something
51. Go to the Waterpark
52. Flour Bombing Fight
54. TP something
55. Sneak into a movie
56. Go Yardsaling
57. Whipped Cream Bikinis!!!
58. Ask someone to hold onto your glob of peanut butter for just a minute while I do something else.
59. Play Truth or Dare, NO limits.
60. Stargaze in the Soccer Field
61. Camp out at the park
62. Skinny Dip with my Friends

What are some more goals? I am 14. I don’t always have access to a car, but I do live in a small town so I can manage getting around. Ideas, Please?
I know my list is already great. But I want to add more to it! I want at least 100, Hopefully even 169-200-ish (:


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