summer bucketlist ideas?

im a 14yr old girl, and i want the summer before highschool to be memorable. ive got some stuff already.

oHook up with someone
oHook up with a beach guy
oGo skinny dipping
oGet in trouble with police
oLearn/go surfing
oGo on a Ferris Wheel with a boy
oKiss a boy at the top of a ride
oHave a picnic in a park
oVolunteer at an animal shelter
oFry an egg on a sidewalk
oGo go karting!
oWatch a sunset
oWatch a sunrise
oSend a message in a bottle
oCarve a heart with mine and someone’s initials into a tree
oDance in the rain
oSee a fortune teller
oLeave a note on somebody’s car window
oGet a taste of awesome posted
oFind a four leaf clover
oSleep on a trampoline
oHave a water gun fight
oGo in the ocean fully clothed at night
oGet a bunch of random people to sign a shirt
oTake a day to take really artsy pictures

thats what i got! any other ideas?


  1. But what’s more important is, can you bend it?????

  2. Dr. Worm says

    umm cross get in trouble with police off.. why does that seem fun?

  3. Check out my blog, Gone With the Summer, for some ideas (:
    Rate it or leave a comment letting me know what you think!

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