Summer Skinny Dip

Bryon sent this recollection of an opportunity taken when plans changed:

I was driving to my gym one summer morning to get in a workout. I was on the basketball team, so I had to go, until I found out that my coach had not showed up yet and I got a text that he would be two hours late. I had no idea how to kill the time other than go to my grandmother’s house.

After I parked my car and walked in I found out she was at work for the day. I was feeling a little mischievous and she has a pool in her backyard surrounded by bushes and trees. I had been wanting to go skinny dipping in that pool for three years and I finally had my chance!

So I walked downstairs into her basement and slid open the screen door. I stripped down to nothing and grabbed a towel and my swim trunks. I walked to the edge of the pool, set down my towel and trunks, and sat there, awkwardly gathering up my courage to jump in and savoring the moment of the open air on my exposed body. I then slipped into the clear, blue water.

It felt like a breeze going and touching every part of my body. It was amazing! I was so excited and happy I gained an erection. I would swim from one end of the pool to the other enjoying the feeling of the cool water everywhere. I swam for a good half hour until I had to get out before I turned into a prune.

I swam to where I put down my trunks and towel. I put on my dry trunks underwater then I hopped out and dried off with the towel.

It was one of the best days of my whole summer.

It’s always amazing to me how skinny dipping can bring out the best in life. Thanks, Bryon!


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