Summer Skinny Dipping at Grandma’s

An anonymous reader sent this story about skinny dipping at his grandmother’s house:

I had gotten up at 9:00 one morning to go work out (as most 18 year old boys do), until I found out my gym was closed for the day. I was trying to think about something else to do, then it hit me. I would go skinny dipping at my grandmother’s house! She had a pool that was completely private due to giant bushes making a wall so the neighbors couldn’t see in.

I drove over, hoping my grandmother wasn’t home, and she wasn’t. Her house has a basement, so I walked downstairs and put on my swimsuit I kept there and grabbed a towel. I went to the edge of the pool, took off my swim trunks and sat there for a second trying to build up my courage.

I finally slid in the water. It felt like a breeze going up my body! I was smiling for the whole time I was swimming. I swam up and down the pool, loving the way the parts of my body moved in the water. I gained an erection due to how adventurous I was feeling.

I finally had to get out of the pool because I didn’t know when my grandmother would return. I went to the edge of the pool, got out and quickly put a towel around my body. I started to go inside but quickly turned back because I had almost forgotten my swim trunks. I went inside, got my clothes back on and left without a trace.

That was a highlight of my summer this year.

I’m glad you had a nice swim, anonymous! And I’m even gladder that your grandmother didn’t come home too soon!



  1. I was spending the summer at grandma and grandpa’s place. About the third night I was there, my grandma asked if I wanted to swim before bed. I was12 – like I would say no lol. I went to the mud room where we kept our suits. Mine wasn’t there…? Gran said it was in the washroom, and it was ok to go skinny dipping. I was both nervous and excited. I swam for about an hour and came in with my towel around me. Gran asked me to put it in the wash. As I took it off I looked at the pile of clean clothes. There was my swimming suit. It had been clean the whole time…but it WAS in the washroom. Then I realized I was naked with nothing to put on to go say goodnight and get to my room. So I put on my suit. Gran said oh you found them. I said yes, and they were clean. Gran winked and said “I know.” Grandpa just said don’t wear those to bed. Chlorine will ruin the sheets. So the rest of the summer I swam naked and slept naked too. Mom was surprised when I got back home lol.

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