Summer Skinny Dipping – Short Stories

Well, it seems everyone’s out skinny dipping this summer. We’ve been out a few times and it has been great. We’ve got a number of short stories people have sent in, so we’ll group them all together. If you have more, send them in!



From: Marc
Subject: Skinny Dip in Atlantic

This last vacation I decided to go for a midnight swim in the Atlantic. I walked to the beach, dropped my clothes and swam for several minutes. Heading up, I decided to just go starkers since my clothes would be wet. It was probably 1 km to the condo and then to the sixth floor on the lift. It was great fun.

From: Sam
Subject: Swimming pool

Ok, so I was at a friend’s house with a big pool.

My friend came home early but I never heard heard him pull up! And here I am skinny dipping and streaking!!!!!! I love the fact there isn’t a privacy fence because everybody and their mother can see me butt ass naked in the back yard!

Next thing I know, my best friend is getting naked and jumps in the pool. After about an hour, he starts trying to talk again then walks naked to his car which is about 100 yards away.

From: Erin
Subject: First Crush

Okay so me and my crush (we are 16 and are quite good friends) decided to go to the local beach. We packed are swimsuits, he had his trunks and I had my string bikini. When we got their we had our swim suits under our clothes so we took that off and when we were stripping, we saw a lot of people skinny dipping. So we thought why not we do it aswell so we took of our swim suits and ran into the water.

We splashed around for a bit and he came up to me and snogged me for ages and put his tongue in my mouth so I did the same as well and, to be honest, it was amazing. When we stopped kissing, we look at everyone and they were all looking at us and this family was taking photos.

It was a great experience and we do it every summer.

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