Summer Skinny Dipping

Hey everyone, it’s Jen!

It’s getting plenty warm where I live and since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, I thought I’d kick the summer off right with some skinny dipping this last weekend. Here’s what I did…

In town here is a lake and some public pools. Skinny dipping at a public pool is a bit too daring for my taste. You don’t want to do it if there’s kids around – no way. Too many places have cameras and stuff, too. So public pools are out for me. I don’t need to do that. There are other places or else you should do it in a more private place for sure (we’re trying to have a civil society here, people!). I have already skinny dipped in our pool and hot tub this year, so I had to step it up a little.

What I did was head out to a beach here in town. It’s early enough in the season where the lake isn’t too terrible and yucky. I really cannot bring myself to go underwater in the lake here. Anyway, I headed out to the beach. I wore my bandeau bikini – for you guys who don’t know what that is, it’s one that doesn’t have straps on the top – only around it. Girls that are too “well endowed” don’t wear these often because it would be hard to keep up and on but if you’re not too huge in the boob department (I’m good sized, not huge), then a bandeau bikini top works great. Actually, for me wearing one is pushing it a little. If I happen to accidentally pop out of it once in a great while, then I don’t care too much. I guess that’s the exhibitionist in me. Besides, a great reason to wear a bandeau bikini skinny dipping is that you can take off your suit and nobody knows, which is what I did!

I waded out into the water so that the water was at about shoulder level. It wasn’t too busy and there was only one child around and they were on the shore, playing on the play equipment, pretty far away. It was about 5 in the evening. It was still nice out but I think most people had headed in to eat dinner soon, which is why it wasn’t too crowded. There were two teenage boys playing by the shore and an older lady in the water and then me. I think the teenage boys looked me over while I was getting in but I didn’t let them know I knew they were looking at me.

Ok, so I got into the water and swam around a little. I had to cross a roped area to get into the deeper part. There was a lifeguard there; a girl in her 20s. Under the water were some ropes that you couldn’t see. They were anchoring down that rope that I crossed. This gave me an idea.

I took off my bikini bottoms. I just slid them down. When you skinny dip in public like this, you of course need to make sure you can get back into your swimsuit quickly if you need to – and I envy you guys in this regard. I swam around a little, making what I was doing look more natural. The water’s cloudy and you can’t see more then a few inches into the water, so nobody knew I was bottomless. I had them in my hand. I then tucked my bottoms into my top and swam a little that way, which felt even better – more free.

Now, one thing you should know about my bikini top is that I modified it a little. I made the strap into a Velcro strap. It holds well and makes the top easy to take off and put on. So I took off my bikini top and then ran it through the bottom so that the two were interlocked. This way, I only had one thing to manage instead of two. I put it around my leg (slid it up to my thigh) and them swam around a bit some more. Wow, did that feel free. Nobody knew what I was doing either.

I then went over to where that rope was underwater and locked my whole suit to that line under water. With the Velcro holding it all to that rope, I knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere. I had my suit completely off underwater now. It was great. I was free and nothing looked suspicious at all. I was basically naked in public and I love the feeling of swimming around naked. Nothing beats it!

I swam for a while and occasionally went over to make sure my suit was still where I left it. I don’t know what would happen if it disappeared. I would have some explaining to do, I guess. That wasn’t the case though. I was able to go get it and put it back on – all under water. I then walked back onto the shore and laid down for a while. No problem!

There’s my first story of this season. Has anyone else ever done that? I know some guys have but I’m really interested to know if any of you girls have ever done what I did. Let me know in the comments and give me details!!



  1. I concur–swimming naked is tops! I can relate with wondering what to do with your suit when you remove it while in the water. I always had to just hold onto it tightly in one hand.

    My favorite part of swimming naked (in a pool anyway) is the fact that there is nothing to tug back up when you climb out!

    Good story!

  2. Hi Jen! I´ve done a similar dare in summer three years ago. There is a small lake some distance away from my home. I like to cycle there, swim, relax and cycle back home. The lake is nearly round with a diameter of about 100 meters. You can surround the lake on a walking-path by foot. The path leads about 3 to 10 meters beside the water. It has a small beach at one side, with a nice, huge lawn. The lake is mostly surrounded by forest.

    One sunny Tuesday I gave myself a special free day and went there in the morning. No one was around so I could make a dare come true: There is a rope through the middle of the lake. Swimmers are not allowed to cross, coming from the beach. I wanted to swim along it naked.
    I cycled down the path to a bench near the one end of the rope, locked the bike to the bench and dressed off. I sure had put on my onepiece-swimsuit already. That was uncomfortable for cycling but better for the dare.

    I made my way down the shore near the end of the rope. There was no regular entry of the lake, with hip-high grass at this section and I had to be careful not to fall. Entering the water I noticed, that the end of the rope was fixed to an artificial tower of stones, such normally used for buildings. Just the stone on the top was dry and it had a whole from the top. The stone was just big enough for me to hide behind. From the side I was secured by grass and from my back there was the “forbidden” zone. The water was deep enough to cover my tits, when I angeled my knees a bit.

    I peeled off my swimsuit. I began to shiver. Being naked and having my swimsuit in my hand I felt my feet and ankle sunk in mud. It was an instable standing. I realized a thing I didn´t think about: If I put on my swimsuit here it would sure get pretty dirty. Well, this was a problem to be solved later.

    I put the swimsuit in the dry whole. Nobody did see me.

    Giving me a push from the stone, I began swimming along the rope.
    his was great. I swam forward naked, leaving my clothes behind and followed the rope to the middle of the lake. All shores were pretty far away and in the dizzy water noone could notice my nakedness. I decided to do some back swimming. The rope guided my way forward. As I was in the middle of the lake, I dared to stretch my body so I could see my boobs and pubic hair below the surface.

    To be sure I wasn´t observed from the shores I turned back to normal swimming. Approaching the other shore, the water got more cloudy from mud. For the first time I realized the opposite end of the rope and wondered how it was fixed: It seemed to simply end in the water. Probably there was an equal stone tower like on the other side below the water surface. I had about 20 Meters to swim there.

    The shore was free from plants on this part. Some trees stood there. An older couple walked by with a dog. If they took notice of me, they didn´t care, they just walked on. A swimmer in the lake was usual here. If they knew that a naked mermaid was approaching they would surely give her more attention…

    How was the rope fixed on this opposite end of the lake? I decided to explore. There was a way of 10 meters to the shore. I swam on and found it safer to walk the rest of the way through the foggy water. – If it was flat enough for me to reach the ground with my feet.
    5 meters to the shore. I swung my knees to the front, preparing to stand upright, making myself as long as possible. To my absolute surprise, the water was much less than hip deep. But I couldn´t stop the move! My shoulders came out the water, my chest, my tits, my back, my belly and my hips, my pussy, my ass, my upper thigh! For a second I offered my strechted naked body to the woods. Immediately I kneed down.

    Did anyone see me? I looked for the couple with the dog. They stood still some way down the walking path. The man looked over to me. He waved the hand, laughing. Oh my!! He did see me! His dog came running to him with a small wooden stick. The man took the stick and threw it into the water, in my direction! The dog ran after it.

    In panic, I turned around and began to swim along the rope. I heard the dog entering the water. Looking over my shoulder I noticed the couple coming back the path towards the dog. I swam on like a shark was after me. Hopefully the swimsuit was still there!?! Hopefully no other swimmers came over to me?!? Hopefully I had enough strength to reach my swimsuit and didn´t have to be rescued – saved half aswoon and completely naked, laid on the beach, touched by helping hands!?!?

    Being totally confused I reached the end of the rope, where I started. I was so nervous I didn´t dare to take my swimsuit out of the hiding. I was totally naked, not able to dress. Oh my, what have I done?!

    Some minutes later I relaxed. I looked around. About a handfull guests had spread their towels on the beach and lawn.

    I took my swimsuit. The ground was slippery, my knees where weak. I had to really concentrate to put it on properly. But I didn´t manage too good. The suit hit the waterplants and some mud entered the suit with my feet. All the same, I put it on and covered my body. Then I headed for the shore, grabbing for the grass. But I was even too weak to make my way upward to the walking-path. I had to go through the 5 meters of nature. The excitement had taken all my energy.

    So I took the second best way: I slowly swam to the beach, went out just normal in my swimsuit and walked down the path. This was nothing extraordinary in this place.
    My bike was still in place with my bag fixed to it. The swimsuit was nearly dry but as it was partly muddy I thought it would be better to change. Everything was quiet. So I went some steps behind the trees nearby and changed decently: Off the suit, on the kaki-shorts and light green tank top. I managed it. The dare was done!

    Coming back to my bike I noticed an elder couple walking by. They had a dog with them. The man stared at my nipples, poking through the shirt and saw the swimsuit in my hand. He laughed: “I guess You don´t need a swimsuit in this place! We just saw a totally naked girl coming out the water on the other side of the lake!” His wife twinkled towards me. They went by. My knees were so weak I decided to take a bus home.

  3. Hello guys I have a little story, well I have several now but I will share this one. We have a pool in our home, we , my wife and I, always enjoy a nice skinny dip in the evenings or anytime if the weather is right. Well one afternoon I had been working on the lawn and was pretty hot and the pool looked very inviting. I decided to go for a swim. Nothing out of the ordinary as I have done many times. I stripped all my sweaty and dirty clothes off and jumped in. I heard a car drive by, we are at the end of a culdesac, but didn’t think much of it. I figured it was one of the neighbors. To my surprise it wasn’t. after about five or six minutes or so I started hearing what appeared to be someone talking. It sounded like my wife. I figured she had come home and was looking for me. I decided to get out and go greet her. Keep in mind I just had a pile of dirty sweaty clothes. No towel no nothing. As I walked toward the house I heard the door open and put comes my wife, with her boss by her side. She had stopped by to hang out for a while over some drinks. We all gasped almost at the same time and my wife asked me what I was doing. I said oh sorry Karen, the boss, and proceeded to explain myself. The entire time I wa standing there stark naked. Karen’s mouth was open and she just said oh it’s ok, I don’t mind. I began to excuse myself explaining that I would go put some clothes on and my wife just chuckled. After I was dressed I went back outside and saw the girls sitting on the patio just chatting. I once again apologized to Karen and she told me it was no big deal. Later when Nandy, my wife , and I were talking she told me that Karen told her she and her husband enjoy being nude at home all the time. Since then we will have them over on occasion just to chat, hang out by the pool, and sip on adult beverages. Naked of course. Nothing sexual ever goes on. We just enjoy the freedom with like minded people

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