Summer to do list? Dares even?

Even if they’re crazy, I’d love to hear your ideas! Me and the girls are gonna go shopping, clubbing, bikini shopping, skinny dipping, paint balling, a one week overnight trip,… We even dared each other to get BRAZILIAN waxes, run up and down our neighbourhood in our bras and underwear, you name it. Nothing’s "too" crazy. We reaaalllllyyyy can’t wait until summer! Thanks (: <3


  1. iHugRainbows says

    group sex ( with your bf’s ) if you have no bf get one?

    sky diving ( this will surley shet one or your pants )

    shark cage

    volunteer work? – help out community??? O.O seems boring but heh

    smoking pot?

    drinking beer?

    bungie jumping

    rock climbing ( not the fake wall i mean real rock walls " not tall ones either inexperience climbers shouldn’t climb tlal walls" )

    jet skiing ( fking fun)

    parasailing ( omfg fun as well)

    Banana boat ( fun yet soar on the arms ) – i did this with my gf on my bday in shark infested waters was sorta fun but scared the shet out of me i fell in like 8 times and hardly could get up.

    deep sea fishing?


    sailing on a boat

    submarine rides?

    ride in a hot air ballon

    riding in an airplane that does stunts like barrel rolls

    pie fights?



    idk im out of ideas for now

  2. Here’s my summer list. They aren’t super crazy or anything, but they’re definitely fun things everyone should do by the end of summer!

    – Go to the bookstore and read a book

    – Make your house into a spa and have a beauty day

    – Watch your favorite movies from your childhood, even if they’re silly

    – Talk to a veteran or an elderly person

    – Shop at a thrift store, boutique, or an outdoor market

    – Have a slumber party

    – Get a summer job

    – Volunteer to help animals, children, the environment, etc.

    – Cook or bake something fun

    – Mix up some cool new drink recipes

    – Throw a summer BBQ or pool party

    – Start a journal

    – Go swimming at the beach/swimming pool/lake

    – River rafting!

    – Catch up with friends you haven’t seen in a while

    – Check out the historical buildings and monuments of your hometown

    – Go to local museums on free or discounted days

    – Take tons of cute photos with your friends

    – Go "Geo Catching"

    – Get a decent telescope and go stargazing

    – Learn about a different country’s culture, music, language, and cuisine

    – Go camping, hiking, or fishing

    – Have a picknick

    – Try camping out in the backyard

    – Do something adventurous, like rock climbing, paragliding, diving, etc.

    – Go to an amusement park like Wild Waves or Six Flags

    – Try Go-Karting

    – Take a summer trip, even if it’s just across state borders

    – Make fine art

    – Do DIY projects, like making jewelry/accessories, fixing things around the house, etc.

    – Take some dance, art, or music classes

    – Hit up local music venues for new music

    – Go to a unique bar, like on that is themed, or one that is in an unusual place (like one suspended in the air by wires or even an underwater bar!)

    – Find your city or state’s local festivals, fairs, parades, etc.

    – Take a trip to the local zoo, check out wildlife preserves, fisheries, national forests and state or national parks

    – Go to an indie cafe

    – Visit a comedy club

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