Swimming to Cool Down

Michael sent this story about introducing his female friend to skinny dipping:

I ran competitively in college and through my 20’s. In my late 20’s, I had a female friend that was also a runner. We would occasionally go on a run together when I needed a light, easy day.

One day in mid-October, it was in the mid-70’s during the afternoon (normal was the upper 50’s). We went for an easy six mile run and when we got back to Erin’s apartment building, we were sweating and ready to enjoy the nice weather before a storm front came in that night bringing colder weather.

I noticed that the pool looked open still (most places around us closed them after Labor Day). Erin said they kept the pool and hot tub open until late October. We decided a swim and soak in the hot tub would be a great way to cool down after the run.

Since I hadn’t brought a towel or extra clothes and had to drive home 45 minutes, I asked Erin if she minded if I just swam nude. She said she didn’t mind. She stripped off her running clothes down to her sports bra and underwear and we jumped in the pool to cool off. The water was a bit cold, but it felt great on our tired muscles.

After a few minutes, we were getting cold and moved to the hot tub. Once in there, Erin started asking me how I liked swimming naked. Apparently, she had never gone skinny dipping before.

As we talked about it for a few minutes, she started to look around and see if anyone else was around (not a soul in sight). She lowered her upper body under water and removed her sports bra. “Ooh…this feels really nice.” After a few minutes, she relaxed enough to raise her torso up and let me see her bare breasts.

We were getting hot in the tub and wanted to jump back in the pool to cool off. As we were about to jump back in the pool, Erin looked around again and seeing no one, stripped off her underwear. She had a huge grin on her face as she jumped naked into the pool and enjoyed her newfound freedom by doing the backstroke.

We laughed and talked as we went back and forth between the pool and hot tub. We were having a great time watching the sun going down and the storm front heading our way from the west. We stayed in the hot tub as it slowly started to rain. Eventually, lightning started and we knew our fun adventure had come to an end.

Thanks Michael! I hope you and Erin have enjoyed the experience together many times since then!



  1. james kahler jr. says

    when it gets very hot and humitidy so badly your best thing to do is strip your clothes off and cool off nakedly so you can run under cool water and then take nice long walk in the woods where it can be shadey sometime it would be is take a big ben of mud and put it in then add water in it spread the mud all over your body entirely let it cool you down .then wash it off with water .tribes did it that way it makes your body feel good .the more you do it chances for yourself is better .

  2. Sounds like an amazing time naked in the pool/hot tub.

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