After Hours

Caleb sent in this story about finding the perfect way to skinny dip, and introducing a friend to the whole experience: I am a lifeguard at the community pool. Our pool is unique in that it’s an outdoor pool, but during the winter we put a giant canvas “bubble” over it to create an indoor […]

Overcoming Writer’s Block

Kaleb sent in this rather creative way to overcome writer’s block: My parents were out of town and my sister was out of the house with friends, so I had the whole house to myself! After several hours of hard fought gaming, I had worn myself out, so I decided to go for a quick […]

Is it normal for sims to randomly die in public in the sims 3?

What the hell happened? So. My sim is a celebrity in late night, and master at guitar. The first occurence, I was at some dudes party skinny dipping. The host. Of the party said I was behaving innapropiately. I look away for one second and I hear this scary music The guy in the pool […]

What will they do to me at an adult sleepover? I have to do some dares, what can I expect?

Our next monthly hen party will be a 30th birthday celebration & initiation into the three-oh club for me. We (5 or 6 gals 25 to 31) call them sleepovers even tho we don’t stay the night, just to be silly & risque for a few hours. We used to do the old sleepover stuff […]