Learning about Skinny Dipping

Clark sent this nice story about the cousin who taught him about skinny dipping: My female cousin and I, a male, were relaxing in a hot tub in my grandparents’ backyard. Lots of our family was around, but none of them were really paying attention to us. My cousin mentioned that she wanted to skinny […]

Strip Poker With a Twist

Here’s one we got from Belinda – love this one: I recently went camping on a property that belongs to a friend’s family. We camped beside the stream that runs thru the property in a beautiful spot. We got there Friday night and set up camp just as it got dark. The evening activity consisted […]

Hot Tub Skinny Dip on Ski Trip

Here’s a hot story we got from Jeremy: Ok, so we planned this ski trip. We were able to rent this small cottage that slept about 12. There were 10 of us on the trip – mostly couples. Well, there were 4 couples. I was single and then there were 3 single girls, too. Since […]