Backpacking Trip

Michael sent in this great story about skinny dipping while backpacking in the wilderness: I was unemployed one summer and looking for a new job. Wanting to get away for a short trip but with almost no money, I decided to take an overnight backpacking trip at a nearby state park. Since I had a […]

Skinny Dipping in Deep Clay Mud

Brian sent in this interesting variation on classic skinny dipping: This summer I went to one of the local 4-wheel drive parks and had a roaring good time as usual camping drinking and listening to music. Luckily this time there was barely anybody there in the whole 400 acres. There are 6 deep large red […]

A Fond Overnight Camping Adventure

Trav sent in this story about his first time: While attending a three-week overnight summer camp in Northern California, our cabin was to embark on a 3-night backpacking trip to a high altitude lake. I was aged 12, as were the other eight to nine boys in our cabin. We were a tight bunch and […]

Naked Camping Week

Here’s another we got and don’t remember who it was from (we’re cleaning up the archive finally) – enjoy! Hi Jen, we haven’t seen any new posts lately so I thought I would share one that happened last summer with my wife and another couple. We have a couple that we do lots of things […]

What should I add to my "Summer Bucketlist" for me and my friends? :)?

This is what I’ve got so far … – throw a house party – stay downtown all night – get jobs – go pool or hot tub hopping – go skinny dipping – go camping – have a bonfire party – play beer pong – go to a foam party

help with a scavenger hunt list?

I’m organising a camping trip with some friends and one of the activities through the week is a scavenger hunt but I’m having trouble coming up with ideas so far we have: Photo of a stranger who looks like a ‘twin’ of one of the tram members, team member must be in the photo as […]

Need ideas to add to wild summer bucket list for college age girls!?

We like to party hard and want to make this summer the best. We’re sophomores in college, all 19, 20, or 21 years old and love to be wild and crazy. So far we have this on our list: Try shrooms Roll on ecstasy Trip on acid Eat at waffle house at 4 am Skinny […]