Drew sent in this nearly-classic tale of getting caught: I have always loved skinny dipping and I have tried it once in a while. Just going out in a lake and taking off my trunks and swimming around a bit. But never really that much. So one night I snuck out of my house and […]


Joe sent in this rather charming story of getting caught by the unlikeliest of people: It was a hot July Saturday the summer I turned 19. I just finished up some work on the farm and decided to head down to the pond for a swim. My parents were gone for the evening, so without […]

Caught by Grandmother

Here’s a story from Stuart: When I was seventeen, my parents my parents were away on vacation. My girlfriend came over to the house. We decided to go for a swim and of course without any parents around, we ended up skinny dipping. We were fooling around in the pool having a great time. When […]

Skinny Dipping With Girlfriends

We got a few stories from Mike and we decided to put them all together, so here’s a 3-parter for you. We assume these happened at different times. Caught Skinny Dipping My girlfriend and I decided to take the boat to the lake last week. It was a beautiful, warm day and the water was […]