Naked Golf Course Adventure

Sam sent in this memory of a rather reckless but fun night on a golf course: I was 18 years old at my family’s summer house, and I couldn’t sleep because I was too excited for my late night plans. I love the daring thrill of walking outside and stripping off my clothes in the […]

It Finally Happened!

Alanna sent in this great story of her very first time, even if it didn’t exactly go according to the well-thought out plan! So, I had wanted to go skinny dipping for a really, really long time. Reading all the stories on here and other places online really opened my eyes to how much fun […]

First Time Skinny Dipping

Chris sent in this story about his very first time skinny dipping, under risky circumstances: Growing up we were never able to have a pool because it wasn’t allowed in our town. There was a public pool, and I did work out a way to break in to skinny dip when I was around 13, […]

Annual Streaking Tradition

Marc sends this story about a dangerous tradition. Not exactly skinny dipping, but close enough! I live in the South, in one of the oldest cities in America.  We moved here several years ago with my company and purchased a house in a very fine, but very suburban neighborhood. Since we moved here I have […]

List of crazy stuff to do this year in high school (bucket list)?

My friends and I are sort of making a bucket list. A list of crazy things we have to do before we start our next year of high school. We need some ideas!! We want crazy, fun stuff, not stuff like, "get good grades" (we already do that) We want stuff like, skinny dipping (:

what should we add to this list?

my friend & i, made a list of crazy things we should do. any more suggestions? oh, yeah. please don’t say travel to a foreign country. that isn’t crazy. • monster contest. • meet two+ people from online & become good friends. • sneak out at midnight & come back before sunrise. • get all […]

Crazy things to do this summer?

me and my friends are trying to make a crazy list of things to do this summer, we are trying think of this that we want o acomplish, like we have get cartalidge pierced, skinny dipping, jumping off the pier and things like that, does anone have any other crazy things, maybe some things involving […]

Crazy things to do this summer?

Me and my friends are trying t make a list of fun things to do this summer. We have things like, skinny dipping, get cartalige pierced, jump off the pier and things like that. we want to accoplish lots of cool things this summer. does anyone have any other idea for crazy things we can […]

CRAZY things to do over the summer?

I want this summer to be a memorable one! Give me original ideas of crazy things to do! And it could just be crazy things in general it doesn’t have to be summer :]] just fun shit that I could do with friends, y’know 🙂 and not stuff like crazy things to do in walmart […]

A "Bucket List" for Summer?

My friend and I have just done our GCSE’s (in England) and we are 16. We really really want this summer to be absolutely incredible, And so we’ve decided to make a list of crazy things to do this summer just to make sure it really is. I was wondering if anyone could give us […]