What are some ideas for a Summer Fun Checklist.?

Here’s what I did last year with friends… So, Its almost the end of August and we still have to finish this checklist. Most of it it done, but theres still lots of things we can do before fall hits! And I’m sure everyones interested as to whats let to do, so here it is […]

Game Ideas?

There’s a drinking game by the name ‘Never have I ever…’. It goes like – never have i ever … stolen money, and then people who have, drink. I’ve run out of things to ask, I need lots of new ideas, here’re a few to get you started. Never have I ever – stolen candy […]

if you played the game,i have never/i never what questions would you ask?

it’s a drinking game someone says i never blank blank blank and if you did it you have to take a shot i know they are not questions more like statements ex.i never skinny dipped what questions would you ask if playing with friend(s) it’s an actual board game too!

Need ideas to add to wild summer bucket list for college age girls!?

We like to party hard and want to make this summer the best. We’re sophomores in college, all 19, 20, or 21 years old and love to be wild and crazy. So far we have this on our list: Try shrooms Roll on ecstasy Trip on acid Eat at waffle house at 4 am Skinny […]

Need some humiliating dares for a game of King's Cup?

A mixed group of friends and i will get together have a party and play King’s Cup (a drinking game where a card is assoicated with what you do). The way we are playing we are going to use the Jack as do a dare or finish your drink. We need some humiliating and some […]