List of crazy stuff to do this year in high school (bucket list)?

My friends and I are sort of making a bucket list. A list of crazy things we have to do before we start our next year of high school. We need some ideas!! We want crazy, fun stuff, not stuff like, "get good grades" (we already do that) We want stuff like, skinny dipping (:

any ideas for a summer bucket list?

sexy/fun summer bucket list, for teens and early 20’s girls. stuff like skinny dipping and other fun stuff! give me as many as you think of!

Crazy summer bucket list ideas?

alright now i dont want to make some fruity little bucket list like "read a book" or "watch a scary movie" or "go camping" i want some crazy fun stuff. heres what i come up with so far but i think i might delete some of it(im 16) PS i dont mind if its slightly […]