Loads of Friends

An anonymous reader sent in this short but sweet memory: A few years ago, my high school friends and I were at a private pool party. We were all 18 because we just graduated, and we got the idea to skinny dip. We were naked, and it was nice to feel the water on your skin. […]

Only One Naked

An “anonymous male” sent in this story: I was at a party with some friends from my high school graduating class. There were five girls and one other guy, and me. We went swimming in the pool at the house we were at, and then went out of it to play volleyball in our bathing […]

First Time Skinny Dipping with Female Friend

John sent this story about his first time, which sounds like a magical time: I had never skinny dipped before, but I’ve been wanting to for quite some time. The weather was really nice and it was about 4 pm and I called a female friend (I’m male) and asked if she would like to […]

Instant Success!

Caleb sent in this story of his first skinny dipping experiences: My one (and so far, only) experience with skinny dipping happened when I was fifteen. I had gone to California with a school group for an Orchestra tour and the hotel we were staying in had a really big pool (8 feet deep!). Less […]

Closure to My College Life

Phil sent this touching story that’s a bit about coming of age, and being ready for it: Who would have guessed that a cold, rainy spring night would turn into a skinny dipping story that would slightly change my life? It was the last weekend of April 2015. Four months after donning the cap and […]

Skinny Dipping Party

I was invited to this skinny dipping party. I’m a teenage girl and I’m going there with my girlfriends but I think some boys are invited, too. It’s at someone’s house and their parents are gone. I really want to go but I’ve never done it before. I think some of them have. I’m nervous […]

Skinny Dipping Question?

Me and some friends, 2 guys and 3 girls are going skinny dipping. I am asking if anyone has any sort of game to play to get our clothes off so we won’t have the awkward stripping part. Thanks.

Summer to Do List? Dares Even?

Even if they’re crazy, I’d love to hear your ideas! Me and the girls are gonna go shopping, clubbing, bikini shopping, skinny dipping, paint balling, a one week overnight trip,… We even dared each other to get BRAZILIAN waxes, run up and down our neighbourhood in our bras and underwear, you name it. Nothing’s "too" […]

CrAzY Teen Activities for Boys?

Ok so my friend and I are two boys (16 &17) and we’re always doing crazy, stupid, wild stuff that’s always pushing our comfort levels and junk. Nothin illegal, just typical boy immaturity. My question is my friend and I are running out of things to do and we are getting bored with just doing […]

Legalish Scavenger Hunt?

We plan on doing some crazy ass things. Its goings to be minimum 6 groups of 4. 20$ a group and who ever complete the most tasks and get the most points wins and gets the pot. Need more ideas ( no little stuff) Ideas so far: Runnig half a mile in just your underwear […]