My First Skinny Dip!

Jane sent in this bracing story of her very first time: This is the story of the first time I ever skinny dipped. Every year my family goes to Vancouver Island to visit family. They live just outside of Victoria, so we always stay in a hotel right on the ocean about fifteen minutes away. […]

Instant Success!

Caleb sent in this story of his first skinny dipping experiences: My one (and so far, only) experience with skinny dipping happened when I was fifteen. I had gone to California with a school group for an Orchestra tour and the hotel we were staying in had a really big pool (8 feet deep!). Less […]

Skinny Dipping at Night

Natalie shares this story of sharing a dip with family and new friends: My aunt was getting married so my brother, mom, dad, and I went to Miami and stayed in a fancy hotel with an outdoor pool. During our first night there, our parents went out to a restaurant with some family members. My […]

Business Trip with my Secretary

Here’s a story from Tom, a businessman: About four years ago, we went on a business trip to Hannover (Germany) to a trade show. There was four of us, my 23 years young secretary, two salesmen and me, the owner of the company. It was a relatively hot spring day in May, and we were enjoying some […]

Bending the Rules!

We got this story in from George: Many years ago, I spent a weekend break at a lovely hotel with a swimming pool in Somerset, England. It so happened that the weather was particularly warm but I was awaiting surgery and so, much to my frustration, I dared not go in the pool. On waking […]

All Day Naked

We’re starting to get more stories in, so thanks! Here’s one from Landon that we think you’ll like… My family was staying in a hotel/condo right next to the beach with a pool outside. The adults announced they were leaving so my cousin and I would be by ourselves all day. At the time, I […]

Hotel Hot Tub

Here’s another short one to enjoy: I have never skinny dipped in public before but have always wanted to. I was at a hotel a few years ago for a conference and went down to the pool shortly before it was supposed to close for the evening (around 10PM). After swimming a few laps, I […]

Skinny Dipping at 3 Hotels in a Week

Well, it’s not too often that we get to post one of our own stories – or rather that Jen lets me do it but she said I could post this one. I was on a trip where I was going to be in 3 different cities in a week. I was by myself traveling. […]

Hotel Skinny Dipping

Here’s a story from Tyler: This happened to me a few weekends ago. My sister, father and I were staying at a hotel together as we had traveled to another city for my sisters big soccer game. Unfortunately (well, depends how you look at it), our toilet in the bathroom had its tank leak, flooding […]

Hotel Skinny Dipping

We have a few stories people have sent in that are waiting to be posted but we got this one from Ashlynn (a 20 year old female) that we had to post right away: OK, let me start off by saying I LOVE to skinny dip, partially because I like the feeling but also because […]