Summer to do list? Dares even?

Even if they’re crazy, I’d love to hear your ideas! Me and the girls are gonna go shopping, clubbing, bikini shopping, skinny dipping, paint balling, a one week overnight trip,… We even dared each other to get BRAZILIAN waxes, run up and down our neighbourhood in our bras and underwear, you name it. Nothing’s "too" […]

CRAZY things to do over the summer?

I want this summer to be a memorable one! Give me original ideas of crazy things to do! And it could just be crazy things in general it doesn’t have to be summer :]] just fun shit that I could do with friends, y’know 🙂 and not stuff like crazy things to do in walmart […]


I invited my bestfriend to my cottage this year for a week, and we are making a huge list of things we want to do there, like: catch fireflies in a jar, skinny dipping, sit on the roof and talk, go fishing, go canoeing, etc. We need some CRAZY and FUN things to do there […]