summer bucketlist ideas?

im a 14yr old girl, and i want the summer before highschool to be memorable. ive got some stuff already. oHook up with someone oHook up with a beach guy oGo skinny dipping oGet in trouble with police oLearn/go surfing oGo on a Ferris Wheel with a boy oKiss a boy at the top of […]

What's on your bucket list?

Just out of curiosity, what do you want to do before you die? This is my list so far: 1. Sing at a karaoke bar 2. Ride a mechanical bull 3. Go mud sliding 4. Go to a county fair 5. Sit in the audience of a TV show or be on a game show […]

What are some ideas for a Summer Fun Checklist.?

Here’s what I did last year with friends… So, Its almost the end of August and we still have to finish this checklist. Most of it it done, but theres still lots of things we can do before fall hits! And I’m sure everyones interested as to whats let to do, so here it is […]