What are some fun things to do on an adventure?

Me and my friends usually go out every Friday and drive around. We live in the Seattle area so it’s a little damp and cold. We don’t have a lot of money, but we’d like some ideas of what to do when driving around and going crazy. So far our ideas are: •Go to the […]

legalish scavenger hunt?

We plan on doing some crazy ass things. Its goings to be minimum 6 groups of 4. 20$ a group and who ever complete the most tasks and get the most points wins and gets the pot. Need more ideas ( no little stuff) Ideas so far: Runnig half a mile in just your underwear […]

Game Ideas?

There’s a drinking game by the name ‘Never have I ever…’. It goes like – never have i ever … stolen money, and then people who have, drink. I’ve run out of things to ask, I need lots of new ideas, here’re a few to get you started. Never have I ever – stolen candy […]