Naked and Crazy

Jane sent in another epic story of skinny dipping and more! It’s Jane here again, and I have been loving summer so far! I’m taking some accelerated courses at university over the summer and I’ve been way too stressed out over those lately. I figured it’s been too long since I had a good crazy […]

Good Use of an ATV

One more story from PAV: I live in a rural area and I discovered a spot one day that is somewhat close to a large river. I took my ATV and decided to go exploring to try and find a trail to the water between some trees. Now this was a fairly remote spot with […]

Summer Skinny Dipping

Hey everyone, it’s Jen! It’s getting plenty warm where I live and since Memorial Day is the unofficial start of summer, I thought I’d kick the summer off right with some skinny dipping this last weekend. Here’s what I did… In town here is a lake and some public pools. Skinny dipping at a public […]