Only One Naked

An “anonymous male” sent in this story: I was at a party with some friends from my high school graduating class. There were five girls and one other guy, and me. We went swimming in the pool at the house we were at, and then went out of it to play volleyball in our bathing […]

Good Use of an ATV

One more story from PAV: I live in a rural area and I discovered a spot one day that is somewhat close to a large river. I took my ATV and decided to go exploring to try and find a trail to the water between some trees. Now this was a fairly remote spot with […]

First Time Skinny Dip at a Hotel on Vacation

Here’s one we got from Brad: The first time I ever skinny dipped (if you can even call it that) was at a hotel on vacation when I was 13 I think. The only other person there was my dad. We both were in the hot tub at one point but then he went into […]

In the Pond Naked When the Girls Came By

And here’s a skinny dipping story from Matt who had some unexpected company: A few years ago when I was 24 my family owned a farm with a pond on it. It was great for swimming and my girlfriend and I used it quite regularly. I would go skinny dipping if I was the only […]

Area Park With a Lake

I happened to be driving by a big area park one night. It had been raining that night, cleared up a little but was still slightly drizzling. I figured nobody would be there and I was right but I wanted to be sure. I probably spent about 20 minutes walking around the park a bit, […]