What should I add to my "Summer Bucketlist" for me and my friends? :)?

This is what I’ve got so far … – throw a house party – stay downtown all night – get jobs – go pool or hot tub hopping – go skinny dipping – go camping – have a bonfire party – play beer pong – go to a foam party

CRAZY things to do over the summer?

I want this summer to be a memorable one! Give me original ideas of crazy things to do! And it could just be crazy things in general it doesn’t have to be summer :]] just fun shit that I could do with friends, y’know 🙂 and not stuff like crazy things to do in walmart […]

Ideas for a fun bucket list?

What else do you think we should add? -Go Skinny Dipping -Go Streaking -Sneak Out in the middle of the night and go to Little Ceasers -make smores at a bonfire -Have a water balloon fight -go for a midnight swim -get kicked out from at least 3 stores in one day -walk around and […]