Summer to do list? Dares even?

Even if they’re crazy, I’d love to hear your ideas! Me and the girls are gonna go shopping, clubbing, bikini shopping, skinny dipping, paint balling, a one week overnight trip,… We even dared each other to get BRAZILIAN waxes, run up and down our neighbourhood in our bras and underwear, you name it. Nothing’s "too" […]

Sims 3 – Sim Stuck Standing Naked.?

So my sim is stuck, and he won’t do anything. So basically, i was at this nightclub, that had a hot-tub. So i made my sim skinny dip, and then i made my other sim steal his clothes. Well, then the club closed, and he can’t get out of the club because he can’t go […]

Good DARE's for all girl sleepover?

We need some GOOOD dares for our sleepover! We have two nights to do them ALL(From answerer of our choice)! We will not do, public nudity, any screaming or yelling, skinny dipping(FAR TO COLD FOR THAT), child’s play (such as " Like your foot")… We are VERY daring!!! And we are BEST friends we can […]