How Jealousy Led Me To Skinny-Dipping

Grace sent in this story about her first time, and the surprising circumstance that unexpectedly led to it: Hey there! My name is Grace. I’m 18 years old. I recently had my first skinny-dipping experience, and I wanted to share the story here. I come from a very conservative family and really, a very conservative […]

It Felt Good!

Jack sent in this nice memory of a great experience: When I was 16, I was staying at our summer home in Colorado. There was a long river within walking distance of my house. One time when I was just walking because I was bored, I got the slight feeling of “hey, there’s no one […]

Skinny Dipping with Boyfriend

Pablo sent in this nice memory of a hot summer day. First the original Spanish he sent: Un día muy caluroso de verano, mi pareja Tobías y yo habíamos ido a nadar. Era un día brilloso y corría una brisa agradable, afortunadamente. Al rato, luego de largas conversaciones, comenzamos a aburrirnos, entonces le pregunté a […]

Hot Day

PAV sent in this silty story of skinny dipping in the heat: I’ve done a fair bit of skinny dipping this summer so far.  To be honest most of my chances to do so are limited but I take advantage when I can.  This time I’ll tell you about skinny dipping today in 103 degree […]

First Time Skinny Dipping and Caught!

Here’s a story from Dan: Several years ago I was at a park by the river. It was hot and I wanted to go swimming but I did not have a bathing suit. So at first I thought I’d run home and grab a pair, but I thought “it’s kinda remote here so screw it!” […]