help with a scavenger hunt list?

I’m organising a camping trip with some friends and one of the activities through the week is a scavenger hunt but I’m having trouble coming up with ideas so far we have: Photo of a stranger who looks like a ‘twin’ of one of the tram members, team member must be in the photo as […]

Some ideas for a 'summer bucket list'?

I want some ideas for a summer bucket list, things I have to complete before summer ends. I want at least 100 things. so far I only have 9. Please please help! Nothing like, go swimming, go to beach, I want things that are CRAZY. Im pretty outgoing, Ill do alot of stuff. What I […]

What are some ideas for a Summer Fun Checklist.?

Here’s what I did last year with friends… So, Its almost the end of August and we still have to finish this checklist. Most of it it done, but theres still lots of things we can do before fall hits! And I’m sure everyones interested as to whats let to do, so here it is […]