on Sims pets how do u go skinny dipping?

i was looking at the achievements and one said steel the clothes from a Sim going skinny dipping so now i wonder how do u go skinny dipping? and can u do it with Ur boyfriend?

Is it normal for sims to randomly die in public in the sims 3?

What the hell happened? So. My sim is a celebrity in late night, and master at guitar. The first occurence, I was at some dudes party skinny dipping. The host. Of the party said I was behaving innapropiately. I look away for one second and I hear this scary music The guy in the pool […]

Sims 3 – Sim Stuck Standing Naked.?

So my sim is stuck, and he won’t do anything. So basically, i was at this nightclub, that had a hot-tub. So i made my sim skinny dip, and then i made my other sim steal his clothes. Well, then the club closed, and he can’t get out of the club because he can’t go […]

The sims 3 finding stolen clothes?

so my sim went skinny dipping (i have free will on. its fun to see what they do on their own 🙂 ) and my other sim hid their clothes. so my sim has been walking around in a towel. how do they find their clothes?