Skinny Dipping Scare

Here’s a story from Jack: I was about 11 when this happened my parents left me home alone. This wasn’t a big deal since it happens a lot but this time my pool was up and ready so I decided to skinny dip. I went out and into the pool in my bathing suit and […]

Joe’s First Time Skinny Dipping

Here’s a short story we got from Joe: I have had a built-in pool in my backyard with a fence surrounding it for most of my life and had never gotten the urge to swim naked until recently. Yesterday, I knew my parents would be gone for a few hours and decided to take the […]

What are some fun things to do on an adventure?

Me and my friends usually go out every Friday and drive around. We live in the Seattle area so it’s a little damp and cold. We don’t have a lot of money, but we’d like some ideas of what to do when driving around and going crazy. So far our ideas are: •Go to the […]

Skinny Dipping for the First Time!

Here’s one we got in from Paige: I was at the beach, with some friends, and my mom and their moms. My friends were on shore, looking for shells. The moms were sitting on shore talking, of course. I was the only one from the group out in the water. I was about 15 feet […]

How can I remove the censor box in The Sims 3?

I have had The Sims, The Sims 2 and not the Sims 3. I have the sims 3 base game and the sims 3 late night, and i want to remove the censor bar on the sims like when they take a shower and a bath or skinny dip. please help me out please dont […]

Skinny Dipping At the Resort

Here’s one we got – enjoy! I went skiing with some friends of mine – 3 other guys. They are all married and I’m the single one out of the group. They need time to get away from their wives and I like hanging out with them a few times a year to do guy […]

Sims 3 – Sim Stuck Standing Naked.?

So my sim is stuck, and he won’t do anything. So basically, i was at this nightclub, that had a hot-tub. So i made my sim skinny dip, and then i made my other sim steal his clothes. Well, then the club closed, and he can’t get out of the club because he can’t go […]

She Needs Skinny Dipping Advice

Ok, another girl out there needs some advice and I think the guys will like this one more than the last one. “I guess all my life, I liked being naked. Growing up, my mom did her best to keep clothes on me but I’d always take them off. While I was young, she let […]

Skinny Dipping Advice

Hi it’s Jen again. We have a story from a website viewer and she needs some advice, too. Here it is: “I’m like a 22 year old girl and I live at home still. We have a pool in our backyard which is somewhat covered by trees. There’s one sort of open spot but it’s […]

How do I get one of my female friends to go skinny dipping with me?

We are both 16. We are family friends and we have known each other since we were 5, but I haven’t talked to her much lately. How do I get her to skinny dip with me?