After Hours

Caleb sent in this story about finding the perfect way to skinny dip, and introducing a friend to the whole experience: I am a lifeguard at the community pool. Our pool is unique in that it’s an outdoor pool, but during the winter we put a giant canvas “bubble” over it to create an indoor […]

Naked in the Woods

Henry sent in this great story about his first time. One of the best accidental discoveries of skinny dipping I can remember! One summer, my family and I were going to stay in a remote cabin up in the mountain woods. It was the sort of the thing we would do, my parents were very outdoorsy. […]

Am I Dreaming?

Michael sent in this almost too-good-to-be-true story about a dream date: About ten years ago, I met a woman at the library, and after a brief conversation, asked her out to coffee that night. She said yes, and we met later that evening for our first date. We talked non-stop for over three hours, including […]

Skinny Dipping at Manly Dam

Seb sent this story of a nice memory in a very public place down under: This story is one of my original skinny dipping stories and one of the most memorable. I was sitting at home on a hot summers day and had recently been experimenting with being naked in the bushland (Australia) near my […]

Caught by My Neighbors

Jessica sent in this story about getting caught, and how oftentimes it turns out just fine: I usually walk around the house naked when I am home alone. Last summer I decided to be a little more daring and go in my backyard naked. I sunbathed completely naked a few times. I wanted more of […]

I Got Caught Skinny Dipping!

Tiffany shared this story about getting caught, and how it’s not a big deal. With the right neighbors: Although I’m 19 years old and still live with my parents, I love to be naked whenever they aren’t around. I’m not a nudist but I like to feel tithe adrenaline when being naked, especially outside. One […]

Skinny Dipping with Boyfriend

Pablo sent in this nice memory of a hot summer day. First the original Spanish he sent: Un día muy caluroso de verano, mi pareja Tobías y yo habíamos ido a nadar. Era un día brilloso y corría una brisa agradable, afortunadamente. Al rato, luego de largas conversaciones, comenzamos a aburrirnos, entonces le pregunté a […]

First Time Skinny Dipping

Chris sent in this story about his very first time skinny dipping, under risky circumstances: Growing up we were never able to have a pool because it wasn’t allowed in our town. There was a public pool, and I did work out a way to break in to skinny dip when I was around 13, […]

So Very Close

Michael sent in this story about a first date that came so very close to being skinny dipping heaven: One summer during college, a female friend (Sandy) was home and had a barbecue at her parent’s house for some of her friends. At this barbecue, she introduced me to one of her roommates from college […]

In the Middle of the Lake

Michael sent this nice memory. Makes me long for summer! During the summer, my girlfriend at the time and I would go swimming and float around a small lake in my condo community. We would take a couple of inner tubes and float to the middle of the lake (about 100 yards from the closest […]