Loads of Friends

An anonymous reader sent in this short but sweet memory: A few years ago, my high school friends and I were at a private pool party. We were all 18 because we just graduated, and we got the idea to skinny dip. We were naked, and it was nice to feel the water on your skin. […]

Skinny Dipping in Deep Clay Mud

Brian sent in this interesting variation on classic skinny dipping: This summer I went to one of the local 4-wheel drive parks and had a roaring good time as usual camping drinking and listening to music. Luckily this time there was barely anybody there in the whole 400 acres. There are 6 deep large red […]

Giving My Girlfriend a Show

Jake sent this cute story of (solo) skinny dipping with a friend: A few summers ago my girlfriend and I were invited to a cookout at a place that had a lot of land and a huge pond in their backyard. Neither of us thought we were going swimming because our friends were all going […]

Community Pond

Pat sent in this story about a bit of risque behavior: It was the middle of the summer, I was bored and wanted to do something exciting. While my parents were away for a few days, and it was just me and my siblings at the house, I snuck out. I live right next to […]

Hot Tub Party

Alice sent in this fun memory of college times: Once, in college, I was at a party with about two dozen other people at a house that had an outdoor hot tub. The host told us all to bring swimsuits, but it quickly became apparent that most people had not. I had brought a bikini, […]

Skinny Dipping in Secret

Casey sent in this story about stealth skinny dipping: Nudity in all its forms was highly discouraged when I was growing up. I wore clothes in all situations outside of bathing, because my parents would become very cross on the few rare occasions that I was accidentally nude in their presence. But one summer day, […]

A Solo Skinny Dip

Jake sent in this story about skinny dipping alone. Sort of. My girlfriend and I were at a cookout at this house that had a ton of land and a large pond. Toward the end of the evening my girlfriend and I decided to take a walk around the pond to look around. We stopped […]

Skinny Dipping While Kayaking With a Friend

Tom sent this story about skinny dipping with a friend during a kayak trip: I do a lot of kayaking with a group. One day a friend and I were kayaking alone in a remote wildlife area in northern Michigan. I had known her for a couple of years so we were fairly close friends. We […]

Discovering Skinny Dipping

Connor sent in this story about his slide into skinny dipping: It all started one summer when I was young. I grew up with an outdoor pool in my backyard, and in those days, I spent a lot of time swimming in it. I always wore a pair of swim shorts, since that’s what I […]

Gradual Nudity

Sidney sent in this story about her gradual move into skinny dipping: I’m 19, living with my parents. We have a backyard pool we rarely use, but I’ve taken up swimming in it lately. About two weeks ago, I decided to take my top off as I swim. Now, my parents aren’t strict about nudity, […]