I need nude dares!!

nude like: do 100 Nude jumping jacks go outside for 5 min nude freeze all your clothes for 1 hr play a video game if you lose remove 1 peace of clothing you start out with out bras undies under shirts and socks play until your nude dont put your clothes on for 3 rounds […]

Ideas for a fun bucket list?

What else do you think we should add? -Go Skinny Dipping -Go Streaking -Sneak Out in the middle of the night and go to Little Ceasers -make smores at a bonfire -Have a water balloon fight -go for a midnight swim -get kicked out from at least 3 stores in one day -walk around and […]

Some ideas for a 'summer bucket list'?

I want some ideas for a summer bucket list, things I have to complete before summer ends. I want at least 100 things. so far I only have 9. Please please help! Nothing like, go swimming, go to beach, I want things that are CRAZY. Im pretty outgoing, Ill do alot of stuff. What I […]

What do you think about this?

Do you like walking around naked? Do you do it a lot? Have you ever skinny dipped? Have you tanned nude? Have you been to a nude beach? Do you always try to be as naked as possible? Do you sleep naked? I’m really jealous if you said yes to any of those questions. I […]

wildest thing u have done? craziest? stupidest? most fun? let it out!!!!?

ok, this vacation me and my friends want to have the wildest vacation ever! we are gonna get drunk, spend the night at a friends house, another week, spend the night at a beach *santa monica* get drunk sleep the night their. and go skinny dipping, and have fun. and wake up the next morning […]

Original, fun, crazy things to do over the summer?

im trying to make a loong list of maybe 50-100 things that i’ve never done before that are really worth doing. So far, i’ve got things like; eat sushi, bungee jump, sleep under the stars, stay up and watch a meteor shower, crowd surf at a concert, run a 10k race, make 0 performing on […]