James sent this in, showing that skinning dipping is great with family too: When I was in high school, I was really close with my older cousin Christine. She lived a couple hours away from me, but we hung out as often as we could. There was this one time, where my parents were out […]

It Finally Happened!

Alanna sent in this great story of her very first time, even if it didn’t exactly go according to the well-thought out plan! So, I had wanted to go skinny dipping for a really, really long time. Reading all the stories on here and other places online really opened my eyes to how much fun […]

Skinny Dipping With Friends

Marina shares the fun times she spent with friends: My close friends and I held a pool party with a lot of our other close friends invited. There were so many people.  After the pool party, my friends that hosted the party and I went to my house for a slumber party. We didn’t bother […]

Summer bucket list!!!?

It’s SUMMEEERRRR! finally!! lol, so yea now that it’s summer I’m making a summer bucket list, I’ve kinda been working on it for awhile but I’m trying to get to 100 and I have 62. It may seem kind of stupid but these are things I want to do. So far I have: 1. Skinny […]

fun/crazy stuff to do for summer 2011?

so me and my friend are trying to come up with a list of stuff to do this summer because its our last summer before high school, this is our list so far….. have any ideas?? oHAVE AN AWSOME KICK BUTT PARTY oDANCE ON TABLE TOPS oGO TO CALIFORNIA oTHROW TWINKIES AT FAT JOGGERS oMAKE […]

Crazy Summer Goals / Plans?

Have any ideas? 🙂 And I mean craazzyyy. Here’s what I have so far ; – get cruunk – flyy highh – go to an all ages dance – get five hours community service – sneak out – get bestfriend who doesnt drink to drink 😉 – go to a concert – get aviators – […]

Good DARE's for all girl sleepover?

We need some GOOOD dares for our sleepover! We have two nights to do them ALL(From answerer of our choice)! We will not do, public nudity, any screaming or yelling, skinny dipping(FAR TO COLD FOR THAT), child’s play (such as " Like your foot")… We are VERY daring!!! And we are BEST friends we can […]

Need ideas to add to wild summer bucket list for college age girls!?

We like to party hard and want to make this summer the best. We’re sophomores in college, all 19, 20, or 21 years old and love to be wild and crazy. So far we have this on our list: Try shrooms Roll on ecstasy Trip on acid Eat at waffle house at 4 am Skinny […]