Skinny Dipping for the First Time!

Here’s one we got in from Paige: I was at the beach, with some friends, and my mom and their moms. My friends were on shore, looking for shells. The moms were sitting on shore talking, of course. I was the only one from the group out in the water. I was about 15 feet […]

Beach Skinny Dipping

Here’s one we got from a girl, Erica, who was on a vacation. Good story! Hi, here’s my story since I was just on vacation in the Bahamas. It was my first time that I had gone skinny dipping. I was with a friend of mine, Jenny. We decided to head somewhere warm since the […]

She Needs Skinny Dipping Advice

Ok, another girl out there needs some advice and I think the guys will like this one more than the last one. “I guess all my life, I liked being naked. Growing up, my mom did her best to keep clothes on me but I’d always take them off. While I was young, she let […]

Skinny Dip Confession

I was living with my parents for a year or two after graduating high school. We sort of had a farm with just a little livestock and that’s about it but it was out in the country with not many houses near by. We did have one next door neighbor. It was just a husband […]