It Felt Good!

Jack sent in this nice memory of a great experience: When I was 16, I was staying at our summer home in Colorado. There was a long river within walking distance of my house. One time when I was just walking because I was bored, I got the slight feeling of “hey, there’s no one […]

What stuff could teenage girls do at night?

Okay so yeah me and my friends, its summer vacation before we go into high school. We want this to be a summer we remember! What kind of crazy stuff could we do at night? Ive already heard of TP, skinny dipping, run nude outside, blah blah i want different ideas. Please! This summer needs […]

Ideas for a fun bucket list?

What else do you think we should add? -Go Skinny Dipping -Go Streaking -Sneak Out in the middle of the night and go to Little Ceasers -make smores at a bonfire -Have a water balloon fight -go for a midnight swim -get kicked out from at least 3 stores in one day -walk around and […]