Summer Skinny Dip

Bryon sent this recollection of an opportunity taken when plans changed: I was driving to my gym one summer morning to get in a workout. I was on the basketball team, so I had to go, until I found out that my coach had not showed up yet and I got a text that he […]

I Figured Why Not

Here’s a quick skinny dipping story from Nathaniel: My first experience skinny dipping happened last summer. I had the house to myself for about a month so I could work and make money while my family was down south visiting family. At one point, it was very hot and a lot more humid than it […]

A Deserted Pond

One from Alex: You haven’t published any stories lately! Well, here’s one! My wife and I had never skinny dipped before we visited the east coast of Canada last summer, but we both wanted to. While we were at the east coast we visited a national park. We got there mid-afternoon and stopped at the […]