White Thong

Here’s one we got from “Allies” (which we assume is Allie S.): I was about 15 and it was a hot day. I could see a lake so I went to the lake and I stripped down to my white thong. I ended up taking that off, too. I started to swim and then I […]

Skinny Dipping Scare

Here’s a story from Jack: I was about 11 when this happened my parents left me home alone. This wasn’t a big deal since it happens a lot but this time my pool was up and ready so I decided to skinny dip. I went out and into the pool in my bathing suit and […]

Joe’s First Time Skinny Dipping

Here’s a short story we got from Joe: I have had a built-in pool in my backyard with a fence surrounding it for most of my life and had never gotten the urge to swim naked until recently. Yesterday, I knew my parents would be gone for a few hours and decided to take the […]