State Park Lake Skinny Dip

We don’t remember who we go this one from: So, this past summer I was hiking at a local state park. The park has a large lake with trails all around it. There are resting benches all over also. I was getting pretty hot and I had not seen anyone the whole time I was […]

The Skinny-Dip That Changed My Life!

Here’s a good one we got from Larry D: A few years back I invited my girlfriend Emma to come with us to our family lake cottage up in New York state. We had just finished our sophomore year in college and I remember we were both so excited to get out and enjoy some […]

Summer Skinny Dipping – Short Stories

Well, it seems everyone’s out skinny dipping this summer. We’ve been out a few times and it has been great. We’ve got a number of short stories people have sent in, so we’ll group them all together. If you have more, send them in! -Jen   From: Marc Subject: Skinny Dip in Atlantic This last […]

Secret Lake Skinny Dip

We got a story in from Lily: This happened during spring break. A couple friends and I really wanted to try skinny dipping. Well, we started driving, searching for a deserted place with water or something. After about an hour, we found this lake. It was surrounded by tall grasses and flowers, so you could […]

Strip Poker With a Twist

Here’s one we got from Belinda – love this one: I recently went camping on a property that belongs to a friend’s family. We camped beside the stream that runs thru the property in a beautiful spot. We got there Friday night and set up camp just as it got dark. The evening activity consisted […]