Closure to my College Life

Phil sent this touching story that’s a bit about coming of age, and being ready for it: Who would have guessed that a cold, rainy spring night would turn into a skinny dipping story that would slightly change my life? It was the last weekend of April 2015. Four months after donning the cap and […]

Brother Stole My Clothing

Lisa sends a story about brotherly mischief: This happened to me when I was about 12. At that time, my family and I lived in northeast Texas. It was summer and our air conditioning was out. The temperature was about 103 to 105. There was a man working on our A/C but he had to […]

Naked at the Lake

Kat has a story for us about a lake or pond she found: Hi, my name’s Kat. I’m 18, blonde hair but I occasionally dye it. I have slightly less-than-average breasts and most body hair shaven off. This story happened about two years ago. I lived in the country at the time surrounded by plenty […]

Naked Swim Lessons

Here’s a story we got from George: Several years ago, following several unsuccessful attempts at learning to swim, I saw an advertisement, which guaranteed success. The lessons were expensive (they were one-to-one) but I thought I would try them. When I showed up for my first lesson I found it was in a very pleasant […]

First Time Skinny Dipping and Caught!

Here’s a story from Dan: Several years ago I was at a park by the river. It was hot and I wanted to go swimming but I did not have a bathing suit. So at first I thought I’d run home and grab a pair, but I thought “it’s kinda remote here so screw it!” […]

Mom I Was Asleep!

A story from Nate: I was 10 or 12 and I had gotten home on the last day of school, yes! The first thing I did was go take a nap. Little did I know my best friend’s sisters (17 and 15) were swimming in their pool… naked! My buddy, Jake, barged in and woke me up and […]

Outside Naked, We Lost Our Suits

Here’s one we got from Craig: When I was about 12 years old, my friend and I were swimming in his pool. He dared me to go down the slide naked.  It was not a big deal because nobody was home and soon both of us were doing it. We did not hear his two […]

First Skinny Dip Experience Fun

And we got a new story from Andrew. It seems that he took a chance once and can’t wait to do more: I have appreciated the opportunity of being privately naked for years, never ever dreaming of being comfortable at taking it all off around others, (except for public change rooms, etc.). Most of my […]