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Pat sent in this story about a bit of risque behavior: It was the middle of the summer, I was bored and wanted to do something exciting. While my parents were away for a few days, and it was just me and my siblings at the house, I snuck out. I live right next to […]

What is a good thing to put on a summer bucket list for high school girls?

Me and my friend are making a bucket lists for fun and exciting things to do this summer. we are 17. We already have ideas such as Skinny Dipping, Getting a waiters number, and Acting like some random person is our favorite actor from a movie. Any suggestions that are nice and normal but also […]

CRAZY, FUN, and Good ideas to add to my summer bucket list!?

Ok so i am a 15 year old girl looking for things to do this summer! I have heard the whole "skinny dipping and dance all night" ideas but those are so been there done that! i want something NEW, CRAZY, and Originalllll.:) something i will never forget! if you could…please list a few! i […]

Crazy things to do this summer?

me and my friends are trying to make a crazy list of things to do this summer, we are trying think of this that we want o acomplish, like we have get cartalidge pierced, skinny dipping, jumping off the pier and things like that, does anone have any other crazy things, maybe some things involving […]

Crazy things to do this summer?

Me and my friends are trying t make a list of fun things to do this summer. We have things like, skinny dipping, get cartalige pierced, jump off the pier and things like that. we want to accoplish lots of cool things this summer. does anyone have any other idea for crazy things we can […]

A "Bucket List" for Summer?

My friend and I have just done our GCSE’s (in England) and we are 16. We really really want this summer to be absolutely incredible, And so we’ve decided to make a list of crazy things to do this summer just to make sure it really is. I was wondering if anyone could give us […]