Hotel Skinny Dipping

Here’s a story from Tyler: This happened to me a few weekends ago. My sister, father and I were staying at a hotel together as we had traveled to another city for my sisters big soccer game. Unfortunately (well, depends how you look at it), our toilet in the bathroom had its tank leak, flooding […]

Spring Break Shenanigans

Here’s a short story we got from John: This one spring break I had, I met a lot of new people including three hot blonde girls. We all went driving out the country to go fishing. I knew I have to get them naked somehow in the water. We took a small boat out on […]

Skinny Dipping at a Hotel – Caught?

Here’s one we got from Sarah: Hi Jen, well I guess you could say that I’m a closet skinny dipper and now I’m kind of going public with it. I know you won’t publish my full name or email or anything but it still feels good to kind of admit it and own it. I […]

She Needs Skinny Dipping Advice

Ok, another girl out there needs some advice and I think the guys will like this one more than the last one. “I guess all my life, I liked being naked. Growing up, my mom did her best to keep clothes on me but I’d always take them off. While I was young, she let […]