Caught in Broad Daylight

Jake sent in this story of the perfect opportunity with bad timing: A few years ago in the middle of summer my mom wanted me to pick up a sign at a house she recently sold (she is a realtor). I went over there to pick it up and noticed there was a pond at […]

Naked at the Lake

Kat has a story for us about a lake or pond she found: Hi, my name’s Kat. I’m 18, blonde hair but I occasionally dye it. I have slightly less-than-average breasts and most body hair shaven off. This story happened about two years ago. I lived in the country at the time surrounded by plenty […]

First Time Skinny Dipping and Caught!

Here’s a story from Dan: Several years ago I was at a park by the river. It was hot and I wanted to go swimming but I did not have a bathing suit. So at first I thought I’d run home and grab a pair, but I thought “it’s kinda remote here so screw it!” […]

White Thong

Here’s one we got from “Allies” (which we assume is Allie S.): I was about 15 and it was a hot day. I could see a lake so I went to the lake and I stripped down to my white thong. I ended up taking that off, too. I started to swim and then I […]

what are some good games for teenagers to play at a sleepover at a hotel?

my friend is having a sleepover party at a hotel (yes, there is a pool). She wants me to help plan it. There is about 6-8 thirteen year old girls that are going to be there. She’s covering food and invites and setting up. Since i’m the fun child, i get to plan some things […]

Summer to do list? Dares even?

Even if they’re crazy, I’d love to hear your ideas! Me and the girls are gonna go shopping, clubbing, bikini shopping, skinny dipping, paint balling, a one week overnight trip,… We even dared each other to get BRAZILIAN waxes, run up and down our neighbourhood in our bras and underwear, you name it. Nothing’s "too" […]

legalish scavenger hunt?

We plan on doing some crazy ass things. Its goings to be minimum 6 groups of 4. 20$ a group and who ever complete the most tasks and get the most points wins and gets the pot. Need more ideas ( no little stuff) Ideas so far: Runnig half a mile in just your underwear […]

Need some humiliating dares for a game of King's Cup?

A mixed group of friends and i will get together have a party and play King’s Cup (a drinking game where a card is assoicated with what you do). The way we are playing we are going to use the Jack as do a dare or finish your drink. We need some humiliating and some […]