summer bucketlist ideas?

im a 14yr old girl, and i want the summer before highschool to be memorable. ive got some stuff already. oHook up with someone oHook up with a beach guy oGo skinny dipping oGet in trouble with police oLearn/go surfing oGo on a Ferris Wheel with a boy oKiss a boy at the top of […]

Summer Bucket List Help?

So far this summer my goals list is: 1. Ride Rides until I Puke 2. Eat 1000 Popsicles 3. Tan in the parking lot 4. Sleep under the stars 5. Read a book under a tree 6. Find a Four-Leaf clover 7. Go on an Unplanned Roadtrip 8. Break the Law 9. Have a "We’ll […]