The Lake Across the Street

Here’s one from Kurt:

Ok, I live in a subdivision that has like a canal/lake going through it. I don’t have access to it but my neighbor across the street does, she’s real nice lady. I’m allowed to come use the lake whenever I want, but now for my story!

It was summer and my house has no air conditioning. So to cool off, I would take a cold shower or play in the rain. This time I decided to go swim in the lake. Once I was there ,it felt awesome! My house gets really hot at night sometimes I even get dizzy from it so it’s pitch black and was past midnight so I got in the lake. Since I’m by myself I’m bored as hell, so I’m like, I may as well get naked!

It also felt pretty cool but it wasn’t entertaining so I decided to make up a game. I would take my shorts (all I had) and throw them somewhere then go fond them, well I did that twice but it was really easy cause they floated. Do I put them below the surface? I put them under my foot and kicked them away. I thought it would also be easy but I looked for like half an hour and couldn’t find them! So I gave up cause the water was getting cold, and I got out.

I was surrounded by houses but it didn’t bother me since it was pitch black out. I went up to the side of my neighbor’s house were I met my match… LIGHT! So what I had to do was get out of the yard, cross the road and then sneak in my house – butt ass naked. I did it but it was hard to get the balls to do it (yes I know pun haha).

But anyway I know it’s not a real big deal but I loved the thrill, I don’t regret it and I think I’m gonna do it again like right now haha =D

Thanks for the story!


  1. LOL – after swimming naked in a cold lake, I’m glad you could even find your balls!

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