The Skinny-Dip That Changed My Life!

285_2909833Here’s a good one we got from Larry D:

A few years back I invited my girlfriend Emma to come with us to our family lake cottage up in New York state. We had just finished our sophomore year in college and I remember we were both so excited to get out and enjoy some of the nice spring weather after a particularly harsh Pennsylvania winter.

The cottage actually belongs to my grandparents, but the whole family uses it in the late spring and through the summer. By the time we arrived at the cottage, grandpa had already launched the Correct Craft (our ski boat), fueled it up and had it moored out at the end of the dock, ready to go.

Before anyone else had even made it out onto the dock, Emma and I had changed into our bathing suits and grabbed a couple of towels, a couple bottles of water and some sunscreen. I asked my grandpa if it would be okay if I took Emma on a little ride around the lake. “Of course,” he said, “it’s all gassed up, just be back in time for lunch!” Emma and I were looking forward to a couple of hours alone before the rest of the family arrived later that afternoon, so we wasted no time in departing the dock.

After we skirted the shore for a while, I pointed us out toward the middle of the lake and we ran a couple more miles. Finally I started pulling back on the throttle to idle and I prepared to deploy the anchor. Once our anchor took hold in the sandy bottom below, I went ahead and powered down the boat. It was a beautiful late-morning on the lake with very little traffic.

I took my tee shirt off and told Emma I was going for a swim. The cool water felt so refreshing on my body. Emma was a bit nervous about jumping into the lake (she did most of her swimming in chlorinated swimming pools up until this point). As an extra measure of persuasion, I took off my swimming trunks and tossed them up into the boat. That definitely got her attention because before long she was slipping into the lake off the aft swim platform.

I didn’t actually expect to go skinny-dipping that day, but I certainly don’t regret the fact that it happened. I had gone dipping before, but not since high school and only with my male friends at that. I felt so free, swimming around with water rushing by all those parts that are normally covered up.

It took a bit more persuasion, but I eventually got Emma to surrender her bikini top to me. I tossed it into the Correct Craft. She knew that before either of us were getting out that her bottoms were coming off too. She slipped them off and tossed them up over the side (they actually landed on the operator’s seat I later realized!).

We swam around the boat a couple of times together, splashing around like a couple of little kids, just enjoying the freedom of being naked. I had been dating Emma for two years prior to this and we had grown fairly close. But little did I know, this experience would bring us closer together than any other experience we had in the past.

When it came time to get out of the water, we jokingly argued for a moment about who would go first. I told Emma that the captain is always the last off a sinking ship and the last to exit the water after a swim! She giggled and then began lifting herself out of the lake and onto the aft swim platform of the boat. As I saw my beautiful girlfriend getting herself up into that boat, dripping wet, I realized just what a gem of a friend I have in her.

After I got back into the boat myself and we were both toweled off and dressed, I gave Emma a kiss and told her how special she was to me. We were married about 18 months later and have been going strong for three happy years now, in part thanks to skinny-dipping!


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