They Stole Our Clothes

I was with a buddy once and it was a hot day. I mean, really hot. We wanted to cool off and were out in the country. We spotted a small lake and decided to check it out.

We got over there and it looked pretty nice – not dirty at all. We didn’t know whose property it was but there was no house near by. We talked it over and decided we’d skinny dip because we didn’t want to get the clothes we were in wet and didn’t want anything from the lake in our clothes. We stripped down and got right in. The water was nice.

After swimming around a bit, we heard a noise but didn’t see anyone. By this time, we were exploring other parts of the lake and were pretty far away from where we got in and where our clothes were. Then about 5 minutes later we decided to swim back there and found that our clothes were gone.

We were wondering if that’s where we went in but then saw a bunch of footprints and figured that had to be the place. Someone was near by since clothes just don’t walk off by themselves.

About 2 minutes later, two girls walked out of the trees there holding all our clothes. “Want these back?” one of them said.

“Yeah.” I said to her. They were smiling a lot.

“OK, just come out here and get them!” the other said back to us.

These girls were pretty good looking and right about our age / college age. The first one found my boxers and was waving them around and said, “Do you want this? It’s pretty cute. Maybe I’ll just keep it. I like your shorts, too. I might just keep those as well.”

“No, don’t do that. Maybe we can make a bargain.” I said. My buddy was pretty silent so far.

She said back to me, “Yeah, maybe we can. Come out here by me fully naked with your hands on your head and I’ll give you one piece of clothing.”

I thought what the heck and did it. She looked me over – completely over. She then said, “If I give you a sock, where will you put it?”

“Where do you think?” I said to her. “My foot!”

“Good answer,” she said and gave me a sock.

My buddy didn’t come out at all. He was way too chicken.

They kept giving me clothing and I didn’t really even put any of it on. The other girl, I could tell was getting really turned on for some reason.

After she was done handing me all my clothes, she took off her bikini top and then hung it on my erect penis. She did the same with her bikini bottoms. I just stood there. Her friend did the same thing and then we all went in the water and swam around. It was a fun time.


  1. SteveIsSpy! says

    How do you manage to get girls to dip w/you Eric?

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