Things to do this summer? Kind of like a bucket list! Any Ideas will help!?

Me and my best friend are 18, going to college in september, and we want fun and adventurous things to do this summer! We already have some like
skinny dipping
pool hopping
road trip
sleep in our car
but we need more! anything will help!! thanks:)))


  1. Spend a night in a nice hotel and order breakfast from room service (bring money).
    See this year’s Harry Potter movie.
    Pick a good cause and donate 48 hours of volunteer time.
    Do something that’s legal but absolutely insane (what I and 3 friends did once was burst through the doors of a McDonald’s singing the at-that-time theme song–"You deserve a break today, so get up and get away at McDonald’s"– at the top of our lungs).
    Buy an outrageous swim suit and wear it at the beach.
    Throw a "we’re all going away" cookout for your immediate friends and cook everything yourselves.
    Laugh a lot.
    Go to wherever your group hangs out and order "the usual" for the last time–and cry a lot.
    See whatever the "must-see" attraction is in your town that you’ve never visited because it was always there and you could do it any time, but you never did.
    Photograph everything.

  2. world record attempt
    see a pro sport game and act crazy
    pshh idk jus watevr u want lol

  3. a week long camping trip with a sh*tload of alcohol.

  4. sky diving, bungee jumping, matching tattoos to commemorate and remember you guys journey together ,stalk famous peopel, those are just a few off the top of my head.

  5. do something you’ve always wanted to do live your life well

  6. Drive around in a fancy car and smoke cigars
    Steal a bra (unless you’re a guy)
    Go to the mall and follow people like they’re your parents (pick a couple that look right) Just kind of go where they go and wait around.
    Get dressed up and go to a really expensive restaurant for no real reason.
    Go canoe ing (sorry can’t spell)
    Put up a small fake Christmas tree with lights and ornaments and have Christmas in July. Invite people over and have them choose a name for gifts under 10 dollars.
    OR Have a traditional Thanksgiving dinner in July and cook everything yourself. Use the good china and do your own dishes too.
    Sleep out under the stars. If you live in a city go away somewhere. Full moon is best.

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