Tricked while Skinny Dipping

Natalie sent in this story of skinny dipping betrayal:

When I was younger I was at the community pool. I was swimming around when my crush jumped in the water and swam up next to me. Keep in mind he knew I had a crush on him because my friend had told him. He said hello and we swam for a little bit.

After a while we made it to the edge of the pool and he asked if I wanted to do something. “What?” I asked. “You want to go skinny dipping?” he replied. I, obviously wanting to see my crush naked, agreed. “Let’s do it at the same time” he said. So I pulled off my one piece swimsuit while he pulled off his swimming trunks.

After a minute he dared me to put my clothes on the edge of the pool and keep them there for a few seconds. While I was deciding what to do he must have put his trunks back on because when I finally put it on the edge he jumped out of the water and grabbed it. He ran to one of the chairs set out on the pool deck and hid the suit under his towel. “Give it back!” I told him. “You have to come and get it” he said. I waited for him to finally throw it to me but he never did. So I got out of the pool bare naked and noticed a few boys staring at me.

I grabbed my swimsuit and put it on as fast as possible and never talked to the boy again.

Whew! Disappointing, but good to find out his true nature before falling for him!



  1. Just curious, how old were you at the time?

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