Vacationing with Friends

Frank sent in this fun story about a couples weekend, and the one person who wouldn’t take a Chance:

My girlfriend (Karen) and I have been friends with this couple (Chance/Lily) for a few years. Recently their parents had bought a lake house and offered it to them to use. Chance and Lily invited us to stay there with them for a three-day weekend to drink, go to the beach, etc.

During the first night we’re there, while Chance and I were playing a silly phone game, we noticed our girls had vanished. We’d heard them outside in the pool but the lights were off. As we went out to investigate we heard the girls shriek and yell at us not to turn on the lights.  So we of course turned them on. Karen was at the edge of the shallow end holding her hastily grabbed bikini against her and Lily was reaching for her bikini from the deep end showing off her lily white asset.

The girls were embarrassed and told us to turn off the light and go in which we did. After about five minutes the came in wearing bikinis and towels.
Nothing else happened that night.

The next day at the beach both girls brought it up pretty often, and said that us guys need to skinny dip and get caught to be fair. Chance hated the idea and sincerely argued, though i was not opposed. Just before we left the beach that day Lily took off her top and waded into the water trying to get everyone to skinny dip. Chance still opposed. Karen decided it only fair that she get a chance to be topless in the ocean as well and quickly ran off leaving the bikini top behind. Chance still didn’t budge on his stance, so the girls gave up on him. Karen asked if anyone minded her taking a fully nude swim before we left and Lily said she wanted to as well, though both felt awkward about taking off their bottoms outside of the water. They asked Chance and me to come take them to avoid the “walk of shame,” but Chance still hated the idea of swimming at all with nudity. So I waded in and took both their bottoms, got a nice view, and walked back to Chance.

After a good twenty minutes both our naked girls came running, giggling, and out of breath.  They teased Chance a lot about going home nude if he’d skinny dip or staying nude all weekend, but no luck. The girls slipped on their bikinis and home we went.

That final day I had enough teasing though. When Chance and Lily were watching TV I basically carried Karen to the pool. She’d quickly gotten my meaning and stripped down to just panties by the pool. We jumped in with me naked and her in panties, but she quickly went nude too.

After maybe a minute of us swimming and splashing around pretty loudly Chance and Lily came out to tease us, figuring we’d gone skinny dipping. Lily tried a final time to convince Chance, even saying that through the water Karen and I couldn’t “really” be seen, but not a budge from him. He said he is fine with everyone else being nude while swimming, but the most he’d do is boxers.

Which he did! Lily stripped first with a lot of wiggling, bending over, and smiling. Chance quickly just took off shirt/shorts and jumped in the deep end.

We joked and kinda tested the waters for chicken or other pool games, but no luck. We swam till it was pretty dark and aside from the occasional boobs while standing in the shallows or butt during someone doing a flip it really didn’t show that much more than regular swimming. When we got out and dressed it was really too dark too see each other.

The only reminder we had was the day we left we noticed Karen had left her panties in the pool.

Thanks, Frank! Don’t give up on Chance! It sounds like there’s hope….


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